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Praha, 26.04.2010, Martha Issová, h

Praha, 26.04.2010, Martha Issová, herečka foto: MFDNES - Jan Zátorský

Creation date: Nov 30, 2008
Add date: Apr 30, 2010
Model release: Is not available for this image
Property release: Is not available for this image

Model release not available!

CAUTION: if image is of a person or persons (including human face and body) it means that image does not contain model-release, i.e. it does not include permission of portrayed persons to any commercial use of this photograph. Before any use of this photograph, the licensee is obliged to obtain written approval from portrayed persons. Obtaining the approval from such persons is the responsibility of the licensee.


Při použití tohoto snímku povinnost uvést kredit ve formě: Jan Zátorský / MAFRA / Profimedia


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